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USA introduces sanctions against Iranian space agencies


The U.S. Treasury Department announced that it may add three Iranian space exploration structures to the sanctions lists.

The list includes the Iranian Space Agency, the Iranian Center for Space Research and the Institute for Aerospace Research.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recalled the recent rocket explosion at the launch site in the Iranian space center named after Imam Khomeini in Semnan.

He stressed that the United States will not allow Iran to use the space program as a cover for the development of ballistic missile technology.

"This application of sanctions should serve as a warning to the international scientific community that cooperation with the Iranian space program may help Tehran develop the potential of systems capable of delivering nuclear weapons (to potential targets)," Pompeo added.

Earlier, Tehran has repeatedly stated that it does not intend to negotiate its missile program.

Meanwhile, on September 4, Iran may announce the next - third - stage of reducing the volume of its obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for the Iranian Nuclear Program.

On August 29, the Associated Press reported, citing satellite images, that a rocket exploded on the launch pad of the Iranian space center. In the photographs on the launch pad, black smoke and smoldering remains of a rocket were distinguishable.

US President Donald Trump commented on this information, saying that the US was not involved in the incident, and wished Iran good luck in clarifying its causes.

source: ap.org