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Uber sues Los Angeles authorities over user data collection


US Uber Technologies filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Department of Transportation in connection with the authorities’ demand to provide information about the whereabouts of users of a real-time bike rental service.

City officials say they need this data to better monitor road situations and reduce threats to public safety. According to them, the information they collect is classified as confidential, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Earlier in March, Uber began sharing user location data with Los Angeles authorities in real time so that the service could continue. Previously, data was provided with a delay of 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the company claims that real-time data collection violates the privacy of users, even though the information about their names and other information remains anonymous.

According to the company, the data can be used by government agencies to track the movement of certain groups of people or individuals, and the information can also be stolen by hackers.

Uber believes that government claims violate state and federal laws, including the fourth amendment to the US Constitution, which protects citizens from unauthorized searches or seizures of private property.

source: wsj.com