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Uber to sell its drone division ATG


According to TechCrunch, Uber plans to sell its unmanned unit ATG to the start-up Aurora Innovation.

Núcleo Editorial
Núcleo Editorial
In September, the media reported that conflicts have erupted within ATG and money problems have been recorded.

According to TechCrunch, Uber is negotiating the sale of a subsidiary of the Advanced Technologies Group (ATG; the potential buyer is Aurora startup, whose main focus is drones.

Three anonymous sources told the publication that the companies have been in negotiations since October, but the outcome is still unknown.

Representatives of Aurora and Uber declined to comment.

ATG, according to the publication, is one of the last large and expensive divisions of Uber: back in 2019 the structure was able to attract $1 billion from SoftBank, Toyota and Denso. Since then, the division has been valued at $7.25 billion.

 In turn, The Information writes that ATG has been a "problem child" for Uber since its inception in 2015.

source: techcrunch.com