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UberMedia’ Location Visit Optimization System Launched


New Mobile Ad Solution Expected to Drive Three Times More Customers to Stores

UberMedia’ Location Visit Optimization System Launched
Location Visit Optimization or LVO, has been launched by UberMedia. This latest mobile machine-learning system that allows advertisers to optimize mobile ad campaigns to adjust to real-world consumer location visits, has been developed and patented by the company.
Hyper-focused, custom made ad campaigns for advertisers are provided by UberMedia, a cross-screen mobile ad platform. The company has brought together more than 1.5 billion first-party mobile data signals and the new system would enhance how such online advertisers target their specific market for marketing and advertisement campaigns.
The Location Visit Optimization would gather and analyze the real-world location visits by users and increase the relevance and performance of mobile ad campaigns. This application is based on data gathered about individuals who visit locations physically. The data collected is in real time and the feedback is of real-life visits by people. The analysis would provide advertisers vital information about where and how to target their advertisement campaigns and help increment foot traffic for advertisers.
The LVO machine-learning platform synergizes data from the feedback of real-world location visitation and the mobile ad campaign of particular advertisers and members. Such analysis results would improve the performance of a marketing campaign.
The LVO would enable marketers to optimize on what matters most for marketing campaigns– real-time, real-world location visits. The initial trials of this new method has already showed significant increase in the marketing results for automotive, fast food and hospitality brands and is being considered to be the next phase for mobile advertising.
“Although mobile advertising has come a long way, marketers still struggle to link their sales data to their campaign in real-time,” Bill Gross, founder and CEO of UberMedia and Idealab said.

The UberMedia’s proprietary ‘Place Context Learning System,’ is integrated into the LVO. The ‘Place Context Learning System’ recognizes in real time, the places where a mobile consumer had visited and uses its highly sophisticated programmatic bidding tools and state-of-the-art mobile ad serving to analyze the data obtained and present a strategy for the mobile advertisers.
The most interesting fact is that the completely automated system uses the analyzed data to make split second decisions in order to decide on deployment of the right ads to the right people and reallocate the spending of the advertisements in order to maximize location visits or foot traffic.
The initial trials have come up with dramatic results for national fast food chains, automotive advertisers and hotel chains. The advertisers have noted that location visits more than doubled in about a month of LVO use. Reports related ot the performance of the system have indicated an increase of three to five times than the best results ever before.

UberMedia utilizes social data, interest signals, location history and intent cues to how a consumer actually makes a decision for purchase. The unique ideas have put UberMedia at 16th place on The Wall Street Journal's Top 50 Start-ups. It has also made to the list of one of Fast Company's “50 Most Innovative Companies.”

UberMedia is known for its dynamic advertising solutions delivery for many of the Fortune 500 companies that include the top retail, automotive, entertainment, consumer packaged goods, and telecom advertisers.

This new system patented and launched by the company is expected to increase its customer base and hike up revenues.

 (Source: www.businesswire.com)