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Uniper: We no longer need state aid


Jutta Doenges, the interim CEO of German energy company Uniper, stated that the company wouldn't require any additional financial support from the German government this year.

Uniper: We no longer need state aid
 Due to the reduction and subsequent cessation of gas supplies from Russia, Uniper had significant issues the previous year. The German corporation was forced to purchase gas from other sources at a higher cost as a result.

Ms. Doenges stated at a shareholder meeting for Uniper on May 24 that "I can confirm that there is no need for an additional injection of capital from the federal government."

The German authorities have several times allocated multibillion-dollar aid packages to Uniper, and in September it was decided that the government would take over a majority stake in the company. In total, the German government has invested in the company more than €13 billion. Another €20 billion was allocated to compensate for further losses, but according to the company's management, the money is not needed.

source: dw.de