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United Health Care promoting soccer as a vehicle for its Do Good Live Well program


Judy Reyes has teamed up with Sound of GoI and UnitedhealthCare to help promote the “Do Good Live Well” program which uses soccer as a vehicle for character development for the youth.

Award winning actress, Judy Reyes, of Scrub’s and Devious Maid’s fame, will help support the Garfield Health Department’s “Food for Thought: Building and Harvesting Community Garden” program, along with UnitedHealthCare and Sound of GoI Foundation. Volunteers for this project will be guided by experts from Rutgers Master Gardeners and from the Garden State Urban Farms. They will help create 300 portable hydroponic gardens, aptly named EarthBox.

The Sound of GoI is a NPO that actively supports the development of youth using soccer as a vehicle for personal as well as for social growth. Since school based sports program tend to perennially suffer from lack of funding and since soccer has increasingly followed the pay-to-play mode, GoI Foundation allows the youth to follow their creativity and interests in sports and experience it through their services. The La Golda animated series was a big inspiration to initiate children to take interest in sports and especially soccer.

As its name suggests, UnitedhealthCare has dedicated itself to serving the people nationwide so as to ameliorate their health by various means such as simplifying the healthcare experience, creating and sustaining relationships and trust levels between the health providers and health takers, and meeting the requirements of wellness and consumer health of the needy. It has a full spectrum range of services that can benefit retirees, individuals, members of the armed forces, employers, etc.

It contracts directly with 850,000 doctors and health care professionals and with 6000 hospital and other health care facilities throughout the U.S. Globally too, UnitedHealthCare serves more than 45 million people and forms part of the Fortune 50 companies.

“UnitedHealthcare is grateful for the opportunity to support the work of Sound of Gol Foundation and the Garfield Health Department. Together we are building healthier communities by providing greater access to, and greater awareness of, fresh produce,” said Michael McGuire, CEO of UnitedHealthcare, New Jersey.

Joining this team made up Judy Reyes along with the employees of UnitedHealthCare and sound of GoI Foundation including its founder George Valencia, are the girls of U-12 soccer team and Jorge Acosta, a soccer coach. They even had a tryout for their inaugural exhibition of a soccer match. So as to address the problem of accessibility of the game to other participants, the GoI Foundation does not charge the U-12 girls team for soccer practice sessions. No charge is also levied for the weekly community service projects.

“Our mission is to build a strong, well-rounded U-12 girls soccer team with players who will become leaders in their communities and the world. We hope to pave the way for these girls to continually seek physical activity, philanthropy and excellence throughout their lives,” said Valencia.

This is UnitedHealthCare’s latest “Do Good. Live Well.” program. With it, UnitedHealthCare will not only reduce the prevent the incidence of obesity and hunger and it will also inspire and encourage volunteerism.


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