Daily Management Review

United Health Foundation provides HCMC with a $2.5 grant


United Health Foundation has decided to further continue providing grant to Hennepin County Medical Centre. HCMC has received these grants from United Health Foundation six years in a row. This is naturally, a testament to the fabulous medical care and services provided by HCMC.

So as to support Hennepin County Medical Centre’s (HCMC) innovative programs that substantially helps patients with complex health and socioeconomic issues, United Health Foundation has decided to grant $2.5 million towards these efforts.
Thanks to this generous funding, HCMC can now use to:
  • Conduct interviews so as to assess the populations of its patients so that it can statistically analyse and pin point the common barriers which restrict the upstream movement of healthcare delivery – from the emergency room, to the clinic and ultimately to the patient’s house.
  • Once the barriers have been identified, it can then design innovative approaches that can tackle them, so that the focus remains on the patient’s health rather than on his disease.
  • Objectively evaluate the effectiveness of its solutions so as to make the necessary systemic changes, if any.
This grant, is part of United Health Foundation ’s grand strategy of “Helping Build Healthier Communities” providing, across the country, the necessary resources to community based NPOs, so as to improve their health and well-being.
“We are thrilled to receive United Health Foundation’s support in helping us enhance and transform our community’s health and well-being. We’ve worked hard to address the challenges of caring for patients with complex socioeconomic and health issues, but with United Health Foundation’s resources and expertise, we will explore ways to improve our already successful programs,” said Jon Pryor, HCMC’s CEO.
The announcement that HCMC has received this grant from the United Health Foundation was made during its Annual Meeting which is typically attended by community leaders, patients, health experts as well as its board members. The funding has come at a most opportune time, since Accountable Care Organisations are increasingly focussing on patient satisfactory levels, and population health so as to find new innovative approaches to delivering medical care.
“We are grateful to United Health Foundation for providing this grant to HCMC that will help improve the lives of people who rely on HCMC’s services and programs. This partnership will enable HCMC to expand its reach into underserved communities and focus on creative ways to improve health for people facing physical, mental and socioeconomic challenges,” said HCMC’s VP of Philanthropy and Community Relations.
UnitedHealthCare’s Bret Edelson, chipped in saying “United Health Foundation is supporting Hennepin County Medical Center’s efforts in bringing new, innovative approaches in care. HCMC’s work in the community is showing significant results and helping improve people’s health and quality of life, particularly in underserved areas.”
A 501(c)3 NPO, Hennepin Health Foundation’s sole purpose is to inspire generosity through various means and forms from the local community so as to support HCMC. Being a level 1 Adult and paediatric trauma centre, many patients from Minneapolis and Hennepin County visit its campus for primary medical care as well as for special needs.
Hennepin Health Foundation is an academic centre as well, and hosts numerous residents as well as professional programmes.  Given its academic credentials as well as the number of patients it discharges, it is strategically placed as a laboratory for continuous progress in finding innovative methods for the betterment of healthcare.