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UnitedHealthCare cares about the health of our Veterans


When 16 bikes went missing from bike store house which belonged to veterans, UnitedHEalthCare promptly replaced the stolen bikes whose total value comes to $50,000

Earlier this month, 16 bikes were reported missing from the storage unit in San Diego, California. These bikes belonged to a Veterans Organisation, an NPO. So as to replace the stolen bikes, UnitedHealthCare presented new bikes to the veterans at a ceremony, aptly named – Ride 2 Recovery – onboard the Flight Deck of the aircraft carrier U.S.S Midway. UnitedHealthCare donated $50,000 for this cause. These adaptive replacement bikes will be used in the Ride 2 Recovery’s HERO program at Balboa, Los Angeles, California.
The project HERO in the Ride 2 Recovery program is a unique path breaking approach to restoring the hope and purpose of life for veterans. In this program, veterans help each other generating the much needed camaraderie which goes a long way to support a nurturing feeling of brotherhood which they were typically accustomed to during their active duty days in the armed forces.
Typically, the Health Exercises Rehabilitation Opportunity (HERO) programs are centred around a community located at either at Vas or at military locations. It provides round the year cycling training programs for veterans who have been injured in the line of duty. Currently there are 70 HERO programs running in the county.
Amongst the participants in the Ride 2 Recovery program, were the its core leaders, Alex Victorino, a retired Marine Corps Staff Sergeant and the veterans themselves, naturally. For the last 16 years, Alex was in the Marine Corps. He got injured in the line of duty when he was deputed to go fight in Afghanistan. Currently he lives with combat PTSD and has been an active member of project Hero in Balboa, since 2013.
The Ride 2 Recovery program is yearly event, which has been happening for the last six years. UnitedHealthCare has been generous enough to sponsor the event every year. Its sponsorship to this event has not been limited to just financial assistance, it has provided it with volunteer supports as well as support in-kind too.