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Venezuelan opposition to receive $ 52 mln from USA


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will send $ 52 million to the Venezuelan opposition led by Juan Guaidó. The allocated funds should go to restore democratic power in the country.

Voice of America
Voice of America
“Today, USAID head Mark Green, at a meeting with Venezuelan opposition, human rights defenders and Ambassador to the United States Carlos Vecchio announced allocation of $ 52 million to help the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, his government and the people of the country in their quest to restore democratic power in their country, meeting the interests of citizens,” the organization said in a statement.

According to the organization, the money was allocated to finance programs supporting the National Assembly (controlled by the opposition), independent media and the restoration of the health sector.

Recall that since January 2019, a dual power regime has been established in Venezuela: the chairman of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself the acting president of the country until the holding of legitimate elections in the country. He was supported by the United States, several countries in Latin America and most countries in Europe. Russia, China, Turkey and Cuba consider President Nicolas Maduro legitimate.

source: swissinfo.ch