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Volkswagen’s Push Towards EV Will Result In Jobs Slash


Manufacturing electric vehicles requires thirty percent less effort, said Diess.

According to Volkswagen, the aggressive stance taken by the company to drive in the manufacturing of electric cars, it will result in a forceful jobs reduction.
The aim of Volkswagen is to launch as many as seventy new “electric models” with the deadline of 2028 at hand, this way the company plans of hastening its journey towards “zero-emission cars” for the “earnings revealed” that Volkswagen’s core brand’s operating margin had “taken a hit”.
While, addressing the press conference about Volkswagen’s annual results, which took place in Wolfsburg, Herbert Diess’ explained:
“The reality is that building an electric car involves some 30 percent less effort than one powered by an internal combustion engine”.
“That means we need to make job cuts, and achieving this purely through fluctuation and partial retirement will be difficult”.