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Volkswagen’s September Deliveries Up 9.2% On Strong Europe Demand


Volkswagen’s September Deliveries Up 9.2% On Strong Europe Demand
Germany’s largest auto manufacturing group Volkswagen reported a growth of 9.2 per cent in the number of vehicle deliveries by it year on year for the month of September. The company reported delivering a total of 904,200 vehicles in the period even as there is a gloom in the global auto industry.
"In the current economic and geopolitical environment, which is tense, our strong brands are once again proving to be especially valuable," said Christian Dahlheim, head of Volkswagen group sales in a statement ion behalf of the company.
The main driver of the increase in growth of deliveries for the company’s vehicles was increased demand from consumers in the European and German markets. In recent times, this region has seen an "unusual low level" in vehicle deliveries because of the changeover to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) which had led to a "restricted vehicle availability" at Volkswagen in September 2018, according to the German car manufacturer.
“As expected, we have now experienced a turnaround following the slump in deliveries in Europe in September 2018 as a result of WLTP, also because we are significantly better prepared for the current second stage of WLTP. Volkswagen successfully asserted its position throughout the world in September. With our products, we are fully aligned with the taste of our customers and therefore continue to grow in a shrinking global market,” said Volkswagen Sales Board Member Jürgen Stackmann.
The home market of Germany recorded the strongest growth in demand for its vehicles. Volkswagen said resulting in the company reporting an increase of 58.1 per cent in sale in the market – with total delivery reaching 92,800 units in September.
The company also added that there was a 31 per cent growth in deliveries for its vehicles in the European market as a whole as the company delivered 336,300 units in the period.
The Asia-Pacific region recorded just 0.8 per cent growth in deliveries for the company and the Chinese market recorded a growth of just 0.2 per cent for the period. China is the single largest market of the company in terms of sale and the company delivered 384,100 units in the market in the period under consideration.
In contrast, there was a 9.9 per cent decline in sale and delivery of the company of its vehicles in North America and the company claimed that there was an overall shrinkage of the market. The drop in deliveries was even greater in the United States where the company reported a drop of 11.5 per cent in deliveries at a total of 48,900 vehicles in September.