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Vulcan Acquires New Geothermal Lithium Exploration Licenses


The new licenses increase the company’s “granted license area” to over thousand square kilometres.

Germany has granted Vulcan Energy Resources, a lithium miner, licenses for “five new exploration” of lithium and geothermal energy. The lithium developer is a supplier to various auto manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Stellantis, and Renault.
Vulcan’s newly acquired licenses covering “325 square kilometres” would allow the company to explore the “Upper Rhine Valley” whereby increasing the company’s “granted license area” to over thousand square kilometres.
Vulcan has a joint origin of Germany and Australia and it plans to commence producing lithium on a commercial scale by the year of 2024 as it expects to see a surge in the raw lithium demand for manufacturing batteries needed to run electric vehicles. Horst Kreuter is the managing director for “Vulcan Energie Ressourcen Germany”, who said:
“Our core mission is to build shareholder value and have a materially decarbonising effect on the lithium supply chain for battery electric vehicles, and in energy production in Europe”.
Moreover, the presence of geothermal lithium in the Upper Rhine Valley situated along the border of France and Germany has also garnered the attention of various other companies, reported Reuters in its: