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WHO: We are in the middle of the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic


So far, the world has only reached the middle of the first wave of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, said Mike Ryan, Executive Director for the World Health Organization (WHO).

"Right now we are not experiencing the second wave (of the novel coronavirus), we are right in the middle of the first wave," the WHO spokesman said at a briefing on Monday.

He explained that the epidemiological situation in Central and South America, South Asia and Africa indicates this state of affairs.

At the same time, Ryan continued, we can congratulate countries such as Spain, which have been able to contain the spread of the disease.

He noted that a sudden new peak in incidence may occur, and the reduction in the growth of new cases does not mean that this trend will be constant.

"We can get a second peak in this wave (COVID-19), this happened with pandemics in the past... During the Spanish flu pandemic, we got a second peak, not necessarily a second wave," Ryan said .

According to him, countries of Europe, North America, Southeast Asia should continue to conduct testing for coronavirus, track its transmission, and implement other health measures to avoid a second peak of the disease. Later this year, the representative of WHO noted, it was necessary to tackle the second wave of the epidemic, which could coincide with seasonal flu.

source: who.int