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WHO expects to radically change COVID-19 pandemic situation by March


The World Health Organization expects to receive the first vaccines against COVID-19 by March 2021, which will fundamentally change the situation with the pandemic, said Bruce Aylward, Chief Executive Officer of the WHO Accelerator for Access to Vaccines (ACT), WHO Advisor to the WHO Director General.

“By March, as a result of the exceptional work now underway around the world, we may find ourselves in a situation that will fundamentally change the current pandemic environment.

By this time, we will already have not only the means I mentioned (a sufficient number of personal protective equipment, dexamethasone, ventilators, rapid tests for COVID-19), but also vaccines," Aylward said during the renewed 73th session of the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

In addition, WHO expects that funds for self-testing for the virus will also appear by March 2021.

In the first quarter of next year, WHO will also be ready to rapidly roll out COVID-19 vaccine programs. Thus, with the current research, the situation with COVID-19 in the world will change dramatically by the beginning of March.

source: who.int