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WSJ: Boeing plans to create a new aircraft


Boeing Aerospace Group may soon start creating a new airliner, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports with reference to sources.

sota via flickr
sota via flickr
The move will enable the company to recover its lost ground due to the 737 Max crisis.

WSJ reports that Boeing has held several meetings with customers, including leasing companies, trying to learn their interest in using a new narrow-body liner with improved engines and a capacity of 200-250 passengers. Such a liner may find itself in the Boeing model lineup between the 737 Max and the wide-body 787 Dreamliner.

It is reported that negotiations are at a very preliminary stage and may not result in starting a new programme.

Creating a new modern aircraft and bringing it on line is a rather lengthy process. For example, Dreamliner Boeing announced the start of the project in 2003, the first prototype was presented in 2007, the first test flight was performed in 2009, and operation of this airliner started in 2011.

source: wsj.com