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WSJ: Chinese officials banned from using iPhones at work


According to the WSJ, China has long demanded that Western computer hardware and software producers replace their products with indigenous alternatives.

Chinese authorities banned employees of central government organizations from using iPhone and other foreign-brand devices, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

The Chinese directive to "not only not to use, but also not to bring such devices to the office" was communicated through announcements and special meetings in the relevant institutions and departments, as well as inside work discussions.

The measures will apply to a "expanded range" of officials and ministries, in contrast to earlier, smaller-scale sanctions against PRC civil personnel. According to the publication, China has long imposed restrictions on computer hardware and software produced by international companies and demanded their replacement with Chinese equivalents.

The publication claims that the current limitations are a result of the escalating conflict between China and the United States, which has compelled both countries to tighten official control over data security and online operations of government organizations.

source: wsj.com