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WSJ finds out about Apple's plans to accelerate transfer of production from China


According to sources cited by the WSJ, Apple has hastened plans to shift some of its manufacturing from China to India or Vietnam and is also looking to lessen its reliance on Taiwanese assemblers.

The Wall Street Journal claimed, citing sources engaged in the discussions, that Apple had hastened plans to shift some manufacture away from China, which has traditionally dominated the company's supply chain.

In order to lessen reliance on Taiwanese assemblers, Foxconn being the largest, the business is reportedly urging suppliers to plan more assembly in other Asian nations, including India and Vietnam.

The newspaper has been informed by analysts and sources within Apple's supply chain that this year's events have tainted China's reputation as a reliable manufacturing hub. At the end of November, protests broke out across the nation in opposition to the severe COVID limitations imposed by the government as part of its "zero tolerance" COVID-19 policy. The WSJ specifically points out that the protesters also targeted the 300,000-person Apple facility in Zhengzhou, which produced 85% of the iPhone Pro line at one point.

source: wsj.com