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WSJ reports on a new proposal to Israel and Hamas to resolve the conflict


According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), international mediators on Gaza have devised yet another plan that would help release hostages and ultimately result in an end to hostilities.

Ted Eytan
Ted Eytan
The plan handed over to Israel and Hamas envisages a ceasefire for almost four months, with the first stage, which could last six weeks, being the release of children, women and the elderly held by Hamas who need urgent medical care, and the later stages would be followed by the release of Israeli soldiers and the transfer of remains.

The newspaper adds that "In exchange, Israel would release a significant number of Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails and ensure a greater flow of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, while Hamas would receive international assurances that a cessation of hostilities agreement would be reached at the end of this humanitarian pause."

source: wsj.com