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WTO head warns of risk of hunger riots due to rising food prices


In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Head of the World Trade Organization (WTO), claimed that rise in global food prices due to the situation in Ukraine could cause unrest among hungry people in developing nations.

Jay Louvoin/ Studio Casagrande
Jay Louvoin/ Studio Casagrande
"This year and next, the impact (of the situation in Ukraine) on food prices and famine will be enormous. Food and gasoline are two of the most significant elements in poor people's consumption baskets all around the world. The poorest countries and people in poor countries will bear the brunt of the consequences", Okonjo-Iweala stated.

She noted that 35 African countries relied on the Black Sea region for food.

"If we don't think about how we can alleviate the effects of the war, we're in for another calamity, not just this year but next year," the organization's leader continued.

She voiced concern that hunger riots, similar to those that occurred in the 2000s when food prices surged, could erupt.

Okonjo-Iweala also stated that she could not imagine Russia being expelled from the WTO as a result of the special operation in Ukraine, as the process would be lengthy and would require the consent of 75 percent of WTO members.

source: theguardian.com