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Walmart Ends Partnership With Bossa Nova Robotics


Walmart to invest in its own technology for digitizing its inventory management amid record online sales.

Source: flickr.com; (CC BY 2.0)
Source: flickr.com; (CC BY 2.0)
Walmart has informed this week that the company will not be proceeding with its plans of using “roving robots to scan shelves and keep track of inventory” whereby wrapping up its years of planning of automating its operation.
Moreover, it also revealed that it has severed its “partnership with Bossa Nova Robotics Inc”. For the last five years, Walmart worked with Bossa Nova Robotics to help shop staff with robots in order to make “their jobs easier” besides improving “customer experience”. According to a statement from Walmart:
“This was one idea we tried in roughly 500 stores just as we are trying other ideas in additional stores”.
Furthermore, the company also informed that it will carry on testing “new technologies” and invest in “its own processes” as well as app for keeping track of inventory whereby moving “products to shelves as quickly as possible”.
In 2017, Walmart had started to roll out the “shelf-scanning robots” in an attempt to refill inventory faster whereby saving time for the employees. This effort came under its broader aim of digitizing “its stores” to quicken shopping experience in a competition with its peer Amazon.com.inc.
In fact, in the recent quarter, Walmart has experience “record online sales”; as a result, more number of workers are working to deliver packages order through online, while the company is gathering new data to address inventory related problem.