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Walmart & Microsoft In A Strategic Partnership


Major Amazon rivals come together, to boost online presence with the help of cloud technology and data expertise.

Walmart has informed that the retail giant is involved into a “strategic partnership with Microsoft Corp”. The partnership will explore “wider use of cloud and artificial intelligence technology”, as the “major rivals of Amazon.com Inc” join hands together.
The agreement terms are applicable over a period of five years, wherein all the cloud solutions of Microsoft like “Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365” will cater to create “faster and easier” shopping experiences for the customers. Furthermore, the under the agreement, both the parties, namely “Walmart and Microsoft”, will get together towards migrating “significant portion of walmart.com and samsclub.com to Azure”.
Walmart is strengthening its e-commerce business to compete with Amazon on a better ground, while Microsoft is developing a technology to “eliminate cashiers and checkout lines from stores”. The technology is aimed to give the retailers similar pace as Amazon Go, the “highly automated store format” of Amazon.
Microsoft has given out a sample for the same technology to various retailers around the globe and conducted talks with Walmart for a “potential collaboration”. From this partnership, Walmart looks to secure itself from Amazon’s ambitions with the help of data expertise and its boosted presence on online platform.