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Washington declares state of emergency due to influx of migrants


The overwhelming influx of migrants has prompted Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser to proclaim a state of emergency.

 The governors of the states that border Mexico, particularly Texas and Arizona, are sending them to the city. It is not known how long the emergency will last.

According to Ms. Bowser's website, the governors of Texas and Arizona started sending migrants to Washington in the spring "as a political ploy to gain attention of the White House." Media reports state that 9,400 migrants have already landed in Washington since then. The city will open a helping office for migrants to aid with the issue.

$10 million will be earmarked for the establishment of the new office, and Washington officials hope to receive compensation from the federal government for this sum. In addition to helping with temporary housing, food, and "urgent medical needs," the Office of Migrant Affairs will also assist newcomers with transportation to their final destinations.

source: cnn.com