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Wealthy Chinese citizens are fleeing because of COVID lockdowns


Fearing enforcement of severe lockdowns in a number of locations, wealthy Chinese citizens have begun to actively depart from the country.

Mstyslav Chernov
Mstyslav Chernov
Those who are subjected to the restrictions in Shanghai are becoming increasingly dissatisfied, reports The Financial Times.

According to polls conducted in a dozen emigration companies, there is presently a significant growth in demand in this field. For this, they blame imposition of a lockdown in Shanghai at the end of March. Some Chinese citizens fear that their cities may suffer the same fate and have decided to leave the country as soon as possible.

"Authorities are pushing people to forego basic necessities in order to combat a sickness that isn't much more dangerous than seasonal flu. Our customers voted with their feet", said a Shanghai-based emigration consultant.

WeChat searches on the topic have surged nearly sevenfold since the beginning of April, according to the journal, indicating an increasing interest in emigrating.

source: ft.com