Daily Management Review

Wheat price up 12 per cent after Ukraine grain deal ends


The price of September wheat futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has surged by 12.3% as the grain deal was terminated.

Wheat cost $6.54 per bushel when the grain agreement was dissolved on July 17, but as of Monday, July 24, was already $7.34 per bushel.

The price of wheat on the market has been fluctuating over the past week, first dramatically rising in response to statements made by the parties regarding the grain agreement and shipping in the Black Sea, then once more reducing. The growth on Monday, July 24th, was 5.45%.

Futures for corn are also becoming more expensive. On Monday, the price of the September futures was up 3.51% to $5.55 a bushel. The growth has been 9.5% since the deal was terminated.

source: ft.com