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Why did Apple promise to invest $ 350 billion in the US economy?


Apple has announced huge plans to invest in the US economy. To begin with, the company will pay $ 38 billion in the implementation of the new tax legislation, and later plans to spend tens of billions to create jobs, new factories and data centres in the United States.

iphonedigital vie flickr
iphonedigital vie flickr
Apple outlined its plans in an official press release. According to the company, over the next five years, Apple will invest $ 350 billion in the US economy, excluding payment of taxes and sale of their gadgets.

In addition, Apple has promised to create 20 thousand new jobs in the old campus and a new one, whose construction is still only in the company's plans. It is reported that the current number of Apple employees is 84 thousand people in 50 states of the country.

"The history of Apple is a success story that could only happen in America, and we proudly link our long history with supporting the US economy," said Tim Cook, the head of the company. "We feel responsible and we want to repay the debt to our country, as well as to people to whom we owe our success," concluded the Apple CEO.

The document also refers to the support of the US educational system, in particular, the development of programming courses to prepare young people to work as software developers.

It should be noted that Apple is the largest taxpayer in America, and also has the largest offshore capital among all US companies. According to Bloomberg, in September 2017 this amount was $ 252 billion. The Apple brand promised to return $ 245 billion to its homeland, that is, almost everything that he owns abroad.

Apple's plan, of course, amazes with its scope and named amounts. However, experts believe that the promise to create new jobs can become much more attractive to Americans than multibillion-dollar investments. In the end, one of the key points of Donald Trump's campaign was precisely the fight against unemployment among American citizens.

Among other things, Apple promised to support American manufacturers, ready to cooperate with the company. Currently, over 9 thousand suppliers work with Apple in the US. Despite the fact that Tim Cook’s company is not yet ready to abandon the production of parts and gadgets in other countries, the new statement looks quite patriotic.
Some time after the publication of the press release of Apple, US President Donald Trump decided to comment. Despite the fact that Tim Cook repeatedly condemned the policy of Trump, without switching to an open provocation, the head of state was pleased with the decision of the company.

As a result, the story with huge investments by Apple began to acquire the character of a well thought out and pre-agreed PR campaign. Tim Cook did not show any direct support to Donald Trump, but actually took his side, helping the billionaire's political promises.

Recently, Apple's reputation has been shaken due to a scandal with deliberate slowdown of processors on older iPhone models, which led to several lawsuits in the US, France and other countries. The company had to publicly apologize and make changes to the next update of its iOS to calm its extensive fan base.

Now, Apple has received powerful advertising thanks to Trump’s publication on Twitter as the US president's account is monitored by a total of 46 million people around the world. Despite the large number of opponents of Donald Trump, for many US citizens, the promise of an iPhone manufacturer in any case looks good. As noted by the portal TechCrunch, it's hard not to "like" the promise of multibillion financial support.

source: techcrunch.com

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