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Wi-Fi Alliance, SD Association boot Huawei out


Huawei’s membership to the non-profit organizations SD Association and the Wi-Fi Alliance has been restricted. In the first case, this means that the Chinese company will not be able to equip smartphones with SD slots. Fortunately, restrictions in the Wi-Fi Alliance do not imply a ban on installation of a Wi-Fi module.

The SD Association excluded Huawei after the company was blacklisted by the United States. Now Huawei will be able to use microSD in its old smartphones. However, in the future, the Chinese manufacturer is unlikely to be able to use them in their devices.

The SD Association establishes standards for SD and microSD cards. Members of the organization have the right to participate in the design, development or production of products using these standards. Among such products are smartphones.

The SD Association confirmed the fact of exclusion of Huawei, after the US authorities have put the company on the "black list".

Recall, May 16, 2019, the US government included Huawei in the "black list", prohibiting the company to purchase American products and software without special permission from the authorities. The imposition of sanctions against Huawei may be related to allegations of spying on users and transferring this data to the Chinese authorities.

9to5Google notes that Huawei is already refusing to use SD cards in their smartphones. Since the end of last year, Huawei has developed its own microSD analogue - a Nano Memory card with a memory capacity of up to 256 GB and a data transfer rate of 90 MB/s.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, which develops Wi-Fi standards, has also temporarily limited Chinese Huawei’s participation in the alliance’s activities, according to Nikkei Asian Review.

The Wi-Fi Alliance group includes all major manufacturers of electronic equipment and wireless devices that support wireless communication based on the IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi) standard. Currently, the association includes more than 500 companies. The joint development of wireless standards ensures compatibility of devices from different manufacturers.

source: 9to5google.com