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WikiLeaks founder lost internet access immediately after publication of Hillary Clinton's speeches


Authorities of Ecuador deprived WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of access to the Internet. This was done immediately after the website published a transcript of Hillary Clinton’s speech at a closed meeting with representatives of Goldman Sachs. The Ecuadorian government did not react on allegations, but assured that Assange is still protected by authorities of this country.

newmediadays.com / Peter Erichsen
newmediadays.com / Peter Erichsen
Government of Ecuador banned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from access to the Internet, his organization reported on Twitter. This happened on Saturday, shortly after hackers posted a transcript of classified speeches of Hillary Clinton during a meeting with representatives of the banking industry.

Ecuador's government has not commented on WikiLeaks’ accusation. At the same time, Foreign Minister Guillaume Long said that Julian Assange is still under protection of the Ecuadorian authorities. "The circumstances that led to the need for asylum have not changed", - said Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Recall that Julian Assange has been staying in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012. There he is hiding from the British authorities, who promised to extradite him to Sweden, where he is accused of sexual harassment and rape. Assange himself is afraid that this criminal case is only cover for eventual extradition to the US, where he is accused of publishing classified documents. 

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has repeatedly expressed support for WikiLeaks founder. One of his reasons is need to respect rights to freedom of expression. At the same time, Mr. Correa is personally familiar with Hillary Clinton. He said he wished the next US president was the candidate of the Democratic Party. "For the good of the United States and around the world ... I want Hillary to win" - said President of Ecuador.

Julian Assange has already given several interviews to comment on disclosure of electronic correspondence of the US Democratic Party National Committee and the ensuing scandal. At the same time, Mr. Assange warned that Wikileaks has plenty of material about Hillary Clinton and her campaign, but declined to disclose sources of this information, or directly link them with appearance of Russian hackers and authorities.

Julian Assange did not expatiate upon the subject of where WikiLeaks got this e-mail correspondence. But in his second interview, which he gave to the channel NBC, Assange gave some clarification of his position.

"Well, if you ask whether we will accept from US intelligence information that would be completely correct after our test, whether we will publish it, and whether we will protect our source in the US intelligence community, the answer is yes, of course, we will" - was the answer.

Remember, this is not the first direct attack on Hillary Clinton from individuals and organizations, not formally supporting Mr. Trump. In August, business newspaper The Wall Street Journal published an article in which almost accused Hillary Clinton of betraying national interests and attributed this to Russia. 

source: theguardian.com