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Wind Power in the US Peaked 70GW


Total capacity of wind power plants in the United States reached a record high of 70 GW. According to the American Wind Energy Association, this is enough to provide 19 million homes with cheap electricity.

Vicki Dodge
Vicki Dodge
The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported on Monday that total capacity of wind power in the United States reached the mark of 70 GW. As noted in the press release, this is enough to provide electricity for 19 million typical US homes, or to make a Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center lit for 440 thousand years.

"American success story of wind power is only getting better. Now, the energy generated by wind power is enough to meet demands of Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming combined – said  General director Tom Kiernan.- Wind energy is the fastest and cheapest way to cut emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in the US, and savings of American families and businesses will only increase with the wind power."

The historical mark of 70 GW has been reached already in November, but the achievement has been documented only on December, 21. US is the largest producer of wind power in the world. The country’s current total power generators are enough to provide work to 26 million electric vehicles. In addition, construction of wind power plants has created 73 thousand additional jobs in 43 North American states. According to the Ministry of Energy’s data, in 2030 about 20% of the demand for electricity will be provided by wind power.

An additional impetus to the industry’s further development may become long-term extension of the program of production tax incentives, adopted by the US Congress on Friday. Since 2008, representatives of the industry used the program for extraction of wind power. During this period, they managed to attract about $ 100 billion in private investment. In addition, it encouraged reducing cost of electricity production of this kind by two-thirds.

source: windpowerengineering.com