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World's most powerful rocket SpaceX explodes shortly after launch


The most powerful rocket in the world was used during Starship's first test flight, which ended in an explosion.

Official SpaceX Photos
Official SpaceX Photos
The most powerful rocket in the world, the Starship from SpaceX, crashed during its initial test flight. The flight was streamed on the company's YouTube channel.

The launch was successful, and the rocket was able to reach a height of 30 kilometers above the earth four minutes after liftoff. The first stage did not separate, the launch vehicle's Super Heavy engines malfunctioned, the ship started to spin, and detonated. 

Before the stages were separated, "Starship experienced a rapid unplanned disassembly," according to SpaceX. The business said on Twitter that the test flight will increase the rocket's dependability for the next flight.

source: cbsnews.com