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Yahoo! doubled expenses and reduced income in the first half of 2016


Yahoo! disappointed investors once again. The company lost $ 536 million in the first six months of 2016 against a profit of $ 2.984 million for the same period a year ago.

Revenue for the quarter was $ 1.31 billion, which is 5% higher than the same period last year ($ 1.24 bln.). However, after the deduction of fees paid to partner websites for traffic, the revenue turned out to be $ 841.2 million, which is 19% less than last year's result of $ 1.04 billion. The company's traffic acquisition costs nearly doubled since last year (from $ 200 million to $ 466 million).

Of the seven last quarters, six were accompanied by a decrease in revenue year to year. This time, the decline was most significant since Marissa Mayer’s appointment as CEO.

Quarterly cost of Yahoo! for the year grew by 40%, the loss increased 22-fold to $ 439 million in annual terms. The loss per share was $ 0.02 versus $ 0.46 in 2015. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expected the figure at $ 0.10 per share on average.

Yahoo! has announced a $ 395 million write-off of intangible assets belonging to Tumblr blogging platform. Earlier this year, the company has depreciated $ 230 million of Tumblr’s valuation. Thus, the total amount of write-offs totaled $ 625 million.

Publication of quarterly results coincided with deadline for purchase of Yahoo!. According to informed sources, Yahoo! is planing to sum up the auction by the end of July. Among the remaining candidates are named call operator Verizon Communications and TPG private equity fund.

The decision to sell part of the business was taken after three years of Marissa Mayer’s trying to change direction and increase the company’s profitability through mobile applications. The company also considered selling its stake in China's Alibaba Group, but recently abandoned the idea.

Mavens strategy adopted by CEO implied that Yahoo! would develop mobile, native, video advertising and advertising in social networks. Within three years, Mayer heavily invested in online video advertising and mobile technology, yet has not been able to make significant progress. Since the end of 2015, Yahoo! shareholders have pushed the company to put the business up for an auction. 

The company’s main website is closing sections Yahoo!Food, Health, Parenting, Makers, Travel, Autos, and Real Estate. Previously, there was plenty of sections, but now there is just news, sports, finance and lifestyle.

AT&T, Google, Time Inc, the British company Daily Mail & General Trust, which owns the newspaper Daily Mail, could be ossible buyers of the company. Among the applicants is also a group of investors including Bain Capital, Vista Equity Partners.

In the final stage of consideration of applications for purchase of the business’ main part, Yahoo! will consider offers of TPG, Advent International Corp. Sycamore Partners and alliance with Vector Capital Management.

source: bloomberg.com

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