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Adidas head expects casual fashion boom once people return to office after COVID


Employees who work from home "in flip-flops and tracksuits" will be difficult to persuade to return to formal wear, says the head of Adidas. He believes that after the pandemic, trainers and T-shirts will become office fashion.

The global trend of employees returning to the office after working remotely will accelerate the adoption of looser styles of clothing, such as trainers and T-shirts, in the corporate environment. Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted said this, Bloomberg writes. 

"It will be very difficult to convince people who have been sitting at home in flip-flops and tracksuits to wear brown shoes and normal suits," Rorsted told reporters. He said the increased focus on health and people's desire to get out of the house after months of lockdown should be drivers of demand for Adidas running shoes and hiking products.

The boom in demand for trainers and sportswear over the past year has benefited Adidas itself, as well as competitors such as Nike and Puma, Bloomberg noted.

Speaking about Adidas' own employees, Rorsted said the company's American and European teams continue to work from home, while in China everyone has returned to the offices. "The question is whether working from home is the best option," said the Adidas head. - We will have discussions with our employees in the second half of this year and early next year to find the right long-term solution."

source: bloomberg.com