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Airbus receives orders for 1,044 aircraft in the first half 2023


Airbus recorded 1,044 new orders in the first half of the year thanks to record orders for 750 aircraft from Indian airlines in June.

Pedro Aragão
Pedro Aragão
316 aircraft were delivered during the same time period under earlier contracts, according to Reuters. Airbus intends to give clients 720 aircraft at the end of the year.

IndiGo and Air India, two Indian airlines, would each receive 500 and 250 aircraft, respectively. The purchase was made at the recent Paris Air Show. Airbus only received 259 orders in the first half of the previous year, but during those six months, the manufacturer delivered 297 aircraft to customers. Airbus' most popular aircraft is now the A321neo, which has garnered 5,163 orders since it began production.

Boeing, the primary competitor of the European manufacturer, has not yet released information on orders and shipments for the past six months. The numbers are anticipated to be greater than those of last year, though, as Boeing also won a lesser order for 220 aircraft from India's Air India at the Paris air show. Boeing delivered 206 aircraft to clients in the first five months of the year while also placing 127 aircraft on order (excluding the order from June and the order from India).

source: reuters.com