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Amazon launches unclaimed goods charity program


Amazon, one of the world’s largest retailers announced launch of a new charity program for independent sellers trading on its site. Now those sellers who want to get rid of unsold or returned goods will be able to transfer these goods through charitable organizations to people in need.

The new charity program called Fulfillment by Amazon Donations will begin to operate on September 1, so far only in the US and the UK. Independent sellers trading on Amazon.com will have an alternative - green - opportunity to get rid of unsold or returned products.

The goods can be given to Amazon, which will transfer them to American and British charity organizations. In turn, they will find those who need them.

In the United States, Amazon has partnered with the Good360 charity, and in the UK, with a number of organizations, including the Salvation Army, Barnardo’s, and Newlife.

Such goods have been destroyed until recently, and in recent years Amazon has been repeatedly criticized by the public because of this. So, in January and June, the French television channel M6 released documentary films showing how the Amazon division in France throws out and destroys tons of goods returned by customers. Back in May, CBS announced that both British and French Amazon warehouses were doing the same with unsold goods. One of the company's warehouses took 293 thousand goods to a landfill in just nine months, according to investigative journalists.

Amazon hopes that the new program will significantly reduce waste. Previously, the company charged each seller $ 0.15 for disposal of unsold goods. Now sellers will pay the same money, but the goods will not replenish landfills and thereby worsen the environmental situation. “We know that when things fall into the hands of those who need them, life changes for the better, and local communities get stronger,” said Amazon.

source: newsweek.com