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Apple starts testing Chinese OLED screens for iPhone 12


Apple began to conduct tests of OLED displays for the new iPhone 12 made by the Chinese company BOE, MacRumors writes.

Recall that testing of new technologies from Chinese manufacturers began against the backdrop of the call of US President Donald Trump to Apple to leave China.

It is planned that having finished the test and summing up the results, BOE can acquire the status of the second supplier of displays for the American Apple.

This collaboration will enable the American giant to reduce costs and lower dependence on the Korean company Samsung, which is currently considered their main supplier.

The Chinese manufacturer BOE is the world's largest manufacturer of large LCD screens. It already supplies this type of product for other apple products such as iPad and MacBook.

The Chinese company will also be responsible for production of flexible screens for Apple. To this end, BOE is building a new plant, which will be organized at the request of the Americans.

source: macrumors.com