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Bank of America: government bond markets on the verge of their worst performance since 1949


The government bond markets, according to Bank of America Corp. strategists, are about to have their worst year since 1949, when Europe was still recovering from World War II.

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The tightening of monetary policy by several nations is tied to the decline in government bonds.

According to Bloomberg, the performance of British five-year bonds on Friday, September 23, was the lowest since 1992. Two-year U.S. Treasury securities have been declining for 12 straight days, marking the worst decline since 1976.

Earlier data from the Institute of International Finance shows that the total amount of debt in the world has decreased by $3.5 trillion since the year's beginning, to $300.1 trillion.

For the first time in four years, there was a nominal drop in debt. Due to greater borrowing costs, there have been fewer securities offers in the primary market; also, current debt and cost of servicing have increased.

source: cnn.com