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Blink Charging announces launch of Tesla chargers


Blink Charging, a manufacturer of electric vehicle charging equipment, announced that it will introduce a new charger with a Tesla connector.

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"Since development is well under way, we are eager to release this cutting-edge new charger... Given recent announcements by Tesla, GM, and Ford, we clearly see the electric car charging market continuing to grow as technology progresses and players join together to review best practices."

The company will introduce a brand-new charger called the DC Fast Charger. The charging station has NACS connectors and a Combined Charging System (CCS) port in order to adapt to evolving market demands and facilitate the development of dependable, practical, and economical electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Ford said earlier in late May that Tesla would provide access to more than 12,000 Tesla Supercharger charging stations in the United States and Canada for the company's electric vehicles. Starting in 2025, Ford will start supplying electric vehicles with a NACS charging outlet. Later, General Motors revealed that Tesla would give it 12,000 charging outlets across North America. GE also revealed its 2025 intentions for NACS charging.

source: bloomberg.com