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Bloomberg: Sea shipments of Russian oil to Asia hit record high


According to figures by Bloomberg, the daily average amount of Russian oil shipments by sea climbed close to 4 million barrels.

W. Bulach
W. Bulach
The average daily volume of Russian oil shipments by sea came to roughly 4 million barrels over a period of four weeks, according to Bloomberg, which used its own estimates.

Shipments of oil by sea have risen 15 percent since the first week of April and reached the highest since early 2022, when Bloomberg began tracking them. At the same time, most of Russia's oil goes to China and India, making oil exports to Asia also hit record highs, the agency noted.

Total shipments of oil on ships bound for China, India and Turkey and those that did not specify a destination rose to 3.81 million barrels per day. Most of the ships that indicate an uncertain destination in Asia are headed for China and India, the agency noted.

source: bloomberg.com