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British company begins testing first printed rocket engines


According to the Sky News TV channel, the British private space business Skyrora started testing the first rocket engines made using 3D printing technology.

wp flare
wp flare
New 3D-printed rocket engines are being tested at the largest facility of its kind in the UK in preparation for a prospective space launch. According to the channel, the new model will undergo testing at a facility in Scotland's Midlothian region.

According to Sky News, Skyrora has produced these engines on its own Skyprint 2 printer for the first time.

Tests will be conducted Every week during the summer, with each flight running the engine for 250 seconds, which is the length of time needed for a real mission to reach orbit, the channel emphasizes.

According to Sky News, the UK and European Union space agencies have provided money for Skyrora.

source: sky.com