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CNN tells about security forces preparing for unrest after US presidential election


In the event of violence, the US Homeland Security Department has specialized teams of border, immigration and customs officers.

The U.S. Homeland Security Department trained special forces for potential violence that may arise before and after the presidential election, reports CNN, quoting sources from the Department and security services. 

In the event of large rallies over the election of a presidential candidate or in the absence of a definitive winner, border, customs and immigration authorities will be summoned to guarantee order in large U.S. cities.

"Our teams are ready to act as required," said Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary. He noted that there is no "intelligence evidence on any specific threat of aggression" in the agency. 

Customs and immigration officials, as well as border and customs guards, will be active in the event of potential instability before and after the elections, say interlocutors of the channel. Cuccinelli added that the situation could shift quickly, but there is no evidence on anyone planning of what "seems aggressive" now. 

Earlier, CNN reported that since January, over 50 meetings were held to train intelligence forces to act under all probable circumstances, about 100 such meetings have taken place in 2019, law enforcement officials said.

source: cnn.com