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China: Coronavirus epidemic peak is over


China passed the peak of the coronavirus epidemic, said spokesman for the State Health Committee of the PRC. His statement is quoted by CGTN.

The official reported that the number of new infections detected is declining, the epidemiological situation is under control.

Earlier, authorities reported that 11 cases of deaths from COVID-19 infection were confirmed per day in mainland China, and 15 new cases were identified.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 80,980 people have been infected with coronavirus, 3173 have died in China, taking into account Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. More than 14800 people have been treated in hospitals, and condition of 4200 people is estimated as serious. To combat the spread of infection, the Chinese authorities imposed strict quarantine in the province of Hubei, which is considered the epicenter of the epidemic, built special hospital centers to hospitalize the infected, and paid for treatment and testing.

source: cgtn.com