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China plans human landing on the lunar surface by 2030


Zhang Hailian, deputy chief engineer of the China Manned Spaceflight Program Office, stated on Wednesday that China intends to make a human landing on the moon's surface by 2030 in order to undertake scientific research.

By 2030, "our country plans to carry out a human landing on the moon for scientific research, after which we will study the construction of a lunar research and experiment station and conduct systematic and continuous research on the Earth's natural satellite and relevant technical tests," said Zhang Hailian, as quoted by Reuters.

The utilization of two launch vehicles for the manned journey to the Moon is provisionally planned, he noted.

In addition to the Changzheng-10 launch vehicle, Chinese researchers are also creating a new generation of manned spacecraft, a lunar landing module, and a manned lunar rover for the trip, according to Zhang Hailian.

source: reuters.com