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Cloud Storage To Grow As A Service Market In The U.S., Informs Technavio’s Report


The latest report published by Technavio informs that the cloud storage system in the US is expected to grow as a market service.

Cloud Storage To Grow As A Service Market In The U.S., Informs Technavio’s Report
As per a new report consisting of information about “the storage as a service (STaaS) market in the US” that was published by Technavio, there is an expected growth of the said feature at “a CAGR of over 33%” within the year span of 2015-2019.
Technavio’s latest report informs that cloud computer just got easier with its enhanced “data storage and analytics processing”. In fact, in order to analyze “enormous” sets of data one requires “significant computing capacity”. Technavio’s vice president, Faisal Ghaus stated:
“It is easier to use analytical tools on data that is stored in a cloud because the platform supports quicker retrieval of data through multiple applications and ensures minimal latency”.
Moreover, the said report of Technavio also points out the increment of “cloud storage gateway” usage which has proven to be a “cost-effective hybrid appliance” born out of a combination of “local storage and cloud-based storage” ensuring “data protection functionalities” which renders the same a wholesome “collaborative package”, whereby Ghaus adds:
“Cloud storage gateways are necessary to ensure that the data stored on cloud-based storage infrastructure is optimized according to established standards and it also helps in managing network traffic”.
In respect to the research on market scope and market size determination of the same, BbusinessWire writes:
“The new Technavio report covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the storage as a service market in the US from 2015-2019. To calculate the market size, this report considers revenue generated by stand-alone storage services, cloud-based backup and archiving services, and the subscription cost paid by enterprises for storage services”.
However, the ‘market challenges’ on its way are the issues concerning the security of cloud data; while market trend demands a subscription cost reduction.
The company of Technavio currently holds over “3000 market research reports” which covers a wide variety of research topics with more than two hundred amongst them being on “cloud storage market”.


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