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Countries That May Disappear


Have you ever wondered what a world would live in if some of the countries disappeared?

History shows many examples of countries which have disappeared or been absorbed by others, more powerful and successful. Take, for example, Hawaii: for many centuries they remained a separate kingdom, but only in 1840 they were recognized as a separate state, and in 1898 was annexed by the United States in general.

What would happen if Yugoslavia did not disintegrate into several separate republics? What would happen to Egypt and Syria today? And the Soviet Union - what would have happened if it had not broken up? Would be a situation in the republic better or worse than today?

Countries pop up and disappear very often. Some countries absorb others, changing their names, one becomes stronger, something is losing its influence. So which countries may disappear in the near future?

Here are a few scenarios.


It is not surprising that Spain risks to be seriously affected by the financial crisis. The level of public debt is 97.7%, and it continues to grow in 2015. Just this is enough for a social explosion to come to the country.

The unemployment rate rose to 23.78% in I quarter of 2015 compared with 23.7% in the last quarter of 2014. Analysts predict that the unemployment rate will remain at the current level at least until the end of the year, with austerity economic measures that cannot take the country out of this difficult situation.

However, the Spanish government has other problems that can lead to more serious consequences than the economic issues.

Catalonia, which is still a part of Spain, has experienced a serious increase in the independence movement. The ideas of independence in Spain are gaining more and more popularity among the population.

Many people in the region believe that the Catalans have fewer cultural ties with the rest of Spain.

Catalonia has been part of Spain from the XV century, but now many believe that it is time for independence. Also today, Catalonia - is one of the richest industrial areas of Spain.

In 2013, the Catalans built a "live chain" on the border with Spain, to at least symbolically isolate themselves from the Spaniards.

This is why Spain may get changes in the political geography, which would harm the country's image.

North Korea

North Korea, the reclusive country - a country that is cut off from the rest of the world, facing a shortage of resources.

That is why there is an urgent need to take resources from somewhere else. Is North Korea so dangerous and aimed at war?

It is believed that the industrial capital of the country is severely malnourished, and military spending depleted resources.

25% of the population lacks foodstuffs, among them 1 million children.

GDP growth is less than 1%. And because of the lack of resources, the country will either have to live in isolation, or finally accept the fact that the country have to strengthen external relations, as they need it. It is highly probable that the government will choose the first option, since the expansion of external relations will mean an end to the current regime.


For many years the country has been divided and is on the verge of collapse.

The problem here is that the two countries do not actually have anything to do with each other, at least in the field of cultural and linguistic ties.

Wallonia is located in the south of the country, its population speaks French. Flanders - in the north, its population speaks Dutch.

Residents of Wallonia are seeking independence and union with France. Residents of Flanders wants to form an independent state.

In the period from 2007 to 2011, Belgium experienced the effects of differences concerning the policy pursued in the country. They had only an acting government, as no political party could run the country and the party could not reach an agreement on joint management (2010-2011 biennium).


China may not be able to solve the problems associated with the environment and its pollution.

They may have one of the most powerful armies in the world, but it cannot compensate one of the worst predictions that make analytics for China: in 2030, the country will find itself short of drinking water as all the water to be heavily polluted.

Half of the volume of water the city is now undrinkable, despite all the efforts, made over the last 5 years, to solve this problem. China is on the way to the complete disappearance of water.

Yes, air pollution is very bad, but the pollution of water is even worse. China has already invested $ 112 billion for the modernization of water supply networks, but it was not enough.


Maldives will disappear from the face of the Earth, since the ocean simply washes it away. In 2008, the president of the country even considered the purchase of land and the transfer of the country to another island.

300 thousand of the islanders now invest the profits they receive from tourism in the purchase of a new home.

It is expected that the water level will rise by 59 cm by 2100 and the Maldives will act only 1.5 meters above the water level.

Still, now no one can say for sure how many countries can actually disappear or cease to exist in the form of which they exist. But what’s important is not the number of countries, but the important reason that there will be something inevitable, something that may change the geopolitical map and the world in which we live.

source: Zeronhedge