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Cyprus Cobalt Air stopped flights


The Cyprus airline Cobalt Air has announced a halt to the activity. Now, the carrier is offering passengers with tickets in their hands to apply for a refund.

Spotter LEVT
Spotter LEVT
“We regret to announce that from 23:50 on October 17, all Cobalt Air flights have been canceled due to a halt. All passengers holding tickets are advised not to travel to Larnaca airport and all other airports, since no flights will be carried out, and the entire staff of the airline will not come to work," the carrier said.

The airline offers passengers to seek reimbursement of funds from those travel agencies from which they purchased tickets. "We apologize for the inconvenience and thank loyal customers for their support over the past two years," the report said.

Cyprus Transport Minister Vasiliki Anastasiadou said on Thursday that a hotline will be created for all passengers in Cyprus without return tickets, as well as for those who are now abroad with tickets to Cyprus. "Our task is to help people who find themselves in a difficult situation. They need to provide tickets so that they can return to where they came from," the Cyprus News Agency quoted the minister.

In the ministry’s official report on the website of Larnaca Airport, passengers of Cobalt Air, who are scheduled to take off on October 18, are offered to buy a new economy class return ticket and save all payment documents. The cost of their tickets will be covered by the government. For those who must fly within the next week, information about the return will be provided additionally.

Cobalt Air began flying in 2016. Its fleet consisted of two Airbus A319 (144 seats) and four Airbus A320 (156 seats). In 2018, the airline operated flights from Larnaca to 23 destinations.

source: theguardian.com

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