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EC head announces new EU economic security strategy


Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, revealed a new EU economic security policy at the G7 summit in Japan. The EC plans to debate this approach with the Union's member states in June.

European Parliament
European Parliament
"The possibility of interdependencies turning into weapons must be understood. The European Commission will put up a plan for economic security the following month. At a discussion on economic resilience and security, she declared, "This will be a proportionate and clear response to new risks to ensure our economic security."

Von der Leyen endorsed the need for improved coordination and risk mitigation in economic involvement but urged caution to prevent the loss of advantageous cooperation. 

"We must maintain our coordination because fragmentation is expensive and our industry depends on predictability. Therefore, our typical approach is to lower risks without disengaging, she said.

source: ec.europa.eu