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EDAR To Measure Harmful Emissions From A Moving Vehicle ‘Remotely’


Hager’s new development measures accurately the critical gas emissions from a moving vehicle in a remote manner.

Dr. J. Stewart Hager comes up with new technological developments known as EDAR. Hager has founded the company of “Hager Environmental & Atmospheric Technologies”. He possesses a PhD on Molecular physics as well.
The full name of the EDAR technology is “Emissions Detecting and Reporting”. The technology of EDAR is based on laser and is safe for the eyes. It is also capable of finding out in a measured manner if a vehicle in motion is emitting any critical gas of the infrared frequency in turn causing damage to the environment.
Before Dr. Hager founded the Hager Environmental and Atmospheric Technology, he was working with N.A.S.A Langley, whereby he was involved in the project of ASCENDS satellite. The latter will be launched in the space soon for orbiting the earth and in the process it will measure the emission of carbon dioxide from the planet earth.
Multiple patent software as well as hardware systems are involved in the EDAR technology enabling the system to capture “hyper spectral” three dimensional images of the “entire exhaust plume” a vehicle in the run. Given any moving vehicle “in a natural driving environment”, EDAR can “accurately detect” its emission level of:
“Carbon Monoxide, Nitric Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydro Carbons”.
Moreover, EDAR detects the emission level “remotely”. Likewise, the motorists are not troubled for any reason. Businesswire claims that from all that existing technologies in present usage, EDAR increases “sensitivity” in some cases by over “2,000%”.
As per BusinessWire:
“The technology developed by Hager Environmental allows states to improve their ground-level ozone pollution levels. It is able to analyze the emissions of polluting vehicles, low emission vehicles, and clean cars. This technology can help states work toward meeting a lower EPA ground ozone level standard and reduce cost, time requirements, and frustration for motorists”.


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