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First Tesla Cars From German Factory Could Roll Out By Come Next Month: Musk


First Tesla Cars From German Factory Could Roll Out By Come Next Month: Musk
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Saturday at the company’s German plant's site that the first cars from the new Berlin factory of the company should roll off the production line as early as next month, but added that it would take much longer for the company to achieve volume production from the factory.
Musk anticipates receiving approval to begin production at the site in the coming weeks. The most recent public consultation on the site's concerns among activists and environmentalists closes on October 14, after which the decision will be taken by the Environment Ministry.
"Starting production is nice, but volume production is the hard part," Musk told a cheering audience at a festival at the plant site, many of whom live-streamed the speech on social media. "It will take longer to reach volume production than it took to build the factory."
He stated that daily volume production would be 5,000 to "hopefully 10,000" vehicles, and that battery cells would be manufactured in large quantities by the end of next year.
He also supported the factory against environmental critics and the ill effects of the facility, claiming that it used "relatively little" water and that battery cell manufacturing was "sustainable."
Musk's approach, which some local residents and environmental groups believe goes against German business culture, has angered some local residents and environmental groups.
"I would tell him to stop building electrocars but rather fly to Mars," said Manu Hoyer, who led a small protest of locals who oppose the project on environmental grounds, saying it will pollute drinking water.
The chance of the factory receiving approval to operate, according to Brandenburg's economy minister, is 95 per cent.
Tesla has submitted plans to invest 5 billion euros ($5.8 billion) in a 50 GWh battery plant near the site, outpacing Volkswagen's planned 40 GWh plant in Salzgitter.
Musk expressed concern about Tesla's ability to recruit enough employees, urging people to apply from "all over Europe."
He expressed optimism that the battery plant would be operational by the end of next year.
The company offered 9,000 festival tickets, with Brandenburg residents being given the first priority.
Fans cheered and laughed when Musk took the stage at sunset, welcoming him like a pop star.
"This day is unique," said Tesla fan Fred Schroeder. "The Tesla factory in Germany will be opened to the public for the first time. That is a very special day."