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Ford, GM lay off nearly 500 more workers because of strike


American automakers Ford Motor and General Motors have fired around 500 more employees in the midst of the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Long Zheng
Long Zheng
Ford shut down two plants that supplied parts to a Chicago SUV assembly facility which employees took part in the protest last Friday. As a result, 330 persons were left unemployed.

In turn, GM fired 34 workers at the site in Indiana and 130 at the plant close to Cleveland. Both facilities supply parts for the strike-affected assembly lines.

About 25,000 employees from GM, Ford, and European Stellantis, which manufactures Chrysler automobiles, are participating in the UAW strike, which is primarily motivated by compensation issues.

Over 6,000 people, including employees of suppliers, lost their employment as a result of the protest action.

source: wsj.com