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Future of Mobility Commission To Present New Transportation Framework


We stand on transitional path “driven by shared, connected, autonomous, and electric technologies”.

Public policy specialists and a corporate leaders’ group will collaborate to create a new body that will look into various aspects of the “future of transportation” such as “self-driving and electric vehicles”. The said group is called the “Future of Mobility Commission” which aims to present “new regulatory framework” for “global transportation sector” as we stand on transitional path “driven by shared, connected, autonomous, and electric technologies”.
In the words of the Executive Director of the Commission, Alisyn Malek:
“Let’s bring everybody together to talk about how do we want the movement of people and goods to actually work”.
Technologies such as delivery trucks, air taxis, hyperloops, delivery drones, autonomous cars and connected vehicle could bring in a travel revolution. Here are the other names of the people part of the commission: Co-Chairman Jared Cohon, “president emeritus of Carnegie Mellon University, former Ford Motor F.N CEO Jim Hackett and Transdev Group CEO Thierry Mallet”.
In the words of a senior advisor at Ford, Hackett:
“Progress can only continue if we rethink the way policy and regulation work together in this new era of transportation”.
Many governments have struggled to formulate regulations suitable for “wide-scale adoption of next-generation transportation” keeping in mind safety measures. Regulators are tightening requirements measures for fuel efficiency, while many countries in Europe as well as California are looking forward to put an end to “gasoline-powered passenger vehicle sales by 2035”. However, an overview document of the commission reads:
“current regulatory requirements governing fuel economy standards and vehicle safety fail to reflect the transformation occurring in powertrains, autonomy, and models of mobility.”
While Reuters added:
“The group wants to recommend in 2022 ‘a framework for regulations in the American, European, and Asian markets post-2025 that reflects and facilitates the technological transformation taking place’ for emissions and safety regulations”.
In the words of the chief executive officer of SAFE, Robbie Diamond:
“If you had to rewrite regulations and policy from scratch knowing what we know about technology today... what you would do differently? We want to think big.”