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Global Electric Scooter And Motorcycle Market Estimated To Grow At 6.9% Till 2025: Research And Markets


Global Electric Scooter And Motorcycle Market Estimated To Grow At 6.9% Till 2025: Research And Markets
According to a recent market research report on the global market and forecasts for the global electric scooter and motorcycle market, growth at a rate of CAGR 6.9 percent is forecast for the sector during the period of 2017 and 2025. The report states that the sector reported revenues of $12,961.8 million in 2016 and is anticipated to clock about $22,192.0 million by 2025.
The advantage of electric scooters and two-wheelers, according to the report, is that they can be charged even indoors because they quite often come with a small removable battery for charging. Also, they are easily charged through the use of traditional wall outlets and are small and sleek enough to be able to easily maneuver through narrow and congested streets.
There have been a growing awareness and significant transformations that are taking place in the energy efficient and green automotive industry which is driving up the demand for electric vehicles – including electric scooters. And therefore, this rising awareness and consequent demand in electric vehicles has created a significant and positive impact on the traffic, energy and alarming environmental issues that have been plaguing the world in the past.
There are also consumers demands for innovative and environment friendly solutions for enhanced travelling experiences as well as backup power for travelling long distances which has increased the demand for electric scooters and motorcycles, according to the report. Categorized into 48V, 24V, 36v, the electric scooters and motorcycles are available in even more voltages like 60V and 72V.
The maximum speed of the scooter and motorcycle varies between 30 km/hour to about 70 km/hour depending on the strength of the battery. Typically, a full charge for both electric scooters and motorcycles takes about eight hours.

There is also a rising trend for adoption of e-mobility, says the market research report. the drivers for the growth of the sector include the reduction and tax concession on eco-friendly vehicles, the increasing concern among commuters about carbon emission in the environment and the fast and early development of smart cities. Other potential drivers for the anticipated growth pf the segment include the low maintenance costs that eliminating periodic servicing, regulatory favorability in most major markets for eco-friendly vehicles and the impact analysis of drivers on market forecast.
However, the report also highlights certain headwinds for the auto market segment which include the lack of easy availability of scooter charging infrastructure, the low performance of electric vehicles compared to the traditional carbon fuel vehicles and the impact analysis of headwinds on the market forecast.
However, as governments in many parts of the world attach more and more importance to clean energy and carbon free vehicles, there is growing infrastructure for smart charging stations for the general public. The growth of the food and beverage delivery industry is also encouraging demand for such eco-friendly vehicles that low cost and are easily maneuverable. 

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